10 reasons why Cardi B will be the new Nicki Minaj – She is really giving Nicki a run for her money (With Pics)


For the past two years or so, Cardi B’s star power has only been building, and it looks like she’s still going up from here. Cardi never really planned to be a rapper in the first place, but here she is, and she’s on top of her game. Actually, let’s rephrase that. She’s not just on top of HER game, she’s on top of the whole game. According to Vox, her song “Bodak Yellow” was the first chart-topper performed by a female rapper since 1998. Clearly, this girl is playing to win. But it’s not like Cardi is without competition. After all, Nicki has been the queen of rap for years now, and it’s not like she’s going to fade out of the spotlight anytime soon.


Nicki is super talented in her own right, and both her personality and musical style have drawn people to compare her and Cardi. Is Cardi really going to stick around and rule the charts for the next few years like Nicki has been doing? Or is she going to slow down and back off? Here are 10 reasons Cardi B might be the new Nicki

10 She’s One Of The Best Female Rappers Out There

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It’s shame that women don’t seem to get a lot of love in the rap genre, but they are definitely making a name for themselves. Nicki has been a real trailblazer in this area. Many people respected her not just for being an amazing female rapper, but for being one of the best mainstream rappers out there, period, regardless of gender. There was no doubt that Nicki had skills, and she never let anything hold her back. But it’s clear that Cardi B has serious skills, too. As we mentioned earlier, Vox reported when she released her single her single “Bodak Yellow,” she accomplished something that Nicki never has. She became one of the few female rappers to score a chart-topping hit. And according to Remezcla, she also became the first person of Dominican to descent to reach number 1 on the top 100. Those are both some serious achievements for Cardi that just can’t be overlooked.

Now, does this mean that Nicki never has a chance at achieving the same feat? Absolutely not. Nicki still could have a #1 hit someday. However, when Cardi accomplished this, it showed that she might just have a little spark that Nicki doesn’t.

She’s The Underdog Who Proved Everyone Wrong

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Truthfully, no one really expected Cardi B to become a big star. Maybe she would have a few underground hits, boosted by her big following on social media, but other than that, many people did not think she would become a major celeb. After all, it’s not like she really set out with the intention of working hard to become a famous rapper. It was never her plan. She ended up with the perfect combo of luck, attitude, and natural skills in order to make it happen. And she ended up proving all of the doubters wrong.

According to Bossip, Cardi B started working in a supermarket after high school with no plans for what to do afterwards. And when she eventually got fired, she had to just make the best of her other options.

It was not an easy road, and she was the last person who expected that she would ever get famous. But sometimes the underdog really does come up and prove everyone wrong. Now, Cardi is far from being the underdog, and she could show some other rappers a thing or too. But she definitely has never forgotten her humble beginnings and where she came from.

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