”To keep your woman happy, give her oral sex 9 times a week” – relationship expert, Joro Olumofin says


Nigerian celebrity relationship expert and blogger Joro Olomofin is here again with another set of ‘wise words’ for couples. While this may be a little difficult for some couples, the self acclaimed relationship expert believes that for any man out there to be able to keep his woman happy he needs to give her ‘head’ at-least 9 times a week. Read his Instagram post below;

”Researching this Topic: 3 ways to keep your woman Happy.
– Give her Oral Sex 9 times a week
– Listen to her like a sermon – Give her money
Most importantly give her Head 9 times a week, you have 6 days of her period to rest but continue 2/3 days after her Period.
You will have a Happy Faithful partner. Thank me later” he wrote

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  1. Nuris Usman
    Nuris Usman says


  2. Klassik Onyeka Mbalisi
    Klassik Onyeka Mbalisi says

    lol… machine…

  3. Cletus Precious
    Cletus Precious says

    Huh 9 times a week she get tired and bord

    1. Chizoba John
      Chizoba John says

      But it make sense na

    2. Chinwe Ibelegbu
      Chinwe Ibelegbu says

      May be

  4. Lucy Maris
    Lucy Maris says

    Are you an oral sex machine?

    1. Princefrank Prince
      Princefrank Prince says

      Is it much?

    2. Lucy Maris
      Lucy Maris says

      Too much

    3. Sympathy Munthali
      Sympathy Munthali says

      cant afford

  5. Femi Amos
    Femi Amos says

    I know say na women go comment pass, na wetin them like 2 here be that..rubbish

  6. Itzmicky Dreezy
    Itzmicky Dreezy says

    I should put my precious mouth in a womans punami….i now see the major reason why some people are wayward…..

  7. Valentine Nwankwo
    Valentine Nwankwo says

    It’s not today that I lost interest in you Joro.

    From a good wife waking up my 4am to start preparing meal to this one.

  8. Obumneme Nino Ibe
    Obumneme Nino Ibe says

    Haba, You Have 7 Days Only In A Week. The Person No Fit Go Work Again Nah. But Ladies Does Oral Sex Make You Happy?

    1. Friday Solomon Obasi
      Friday Solomon Obasi says

      Y The Person No Fit Go Work, If U Bang Ur Wife 3 Times A Day Na Just 3 Day Na, Then U Go Rest For Remaining Days

    2. Ozzy Aanuoluwa Asemah
      Ozzy Aanuoluwa Asemah says

      Friday Solomon Obasi, you’re a corrupt mathematician. Lmao

    3. Friday Solomon Obasi
      Friday Solomon Obasi says

      Ozzy Aanuoluwa Asemah Sex Is A Must From A Responsible Man, I No Wont Make My Wife Carry Waiting I Pay The Money Dey Share For Outside

    4. Obumneme Nino Ibe
      Obumneme Nino Ibe says

      Well Done Sir

    5. Obumneme Nino Ibe
      Obumneme Nino Ibe says

      You Are Still A Single Man, I Must Say @Ozzy

  9. Evarestus Sharon
    Evarestus Sharon says

    Nigeria’s are so confused. Every body is just talking shit

  10. Deor Peter
    Deor Peter says

    God forbid! Putting my mouth 👄 and nose 👃 in that stinky thing

    1. Liz Folso
      Liz Folso says

      But you can put your pennis… what’s the difference

    2. Deor Peter
      Deor Peter says

      Liz Folso Penis doesn’t have mouth 👄 and nose 👃 so there is a difference, I’m sorry if I got you offended

  11. Margaret Ene Inah
    Margaret Ene Inah says

    Guys be calling their girlfriends my queen and if the queen asks for 10k, the kingdom scatters and the igwe disappears.

    1. Celestine Nwankwor
      Celestine Nwankwor says

      and by then he don eat osho tired..such is life..

    2. William Christian Orjiguy
      William Christian Orjiguy says

      Women na money, if ur guy beg u for money kingdom no go scatter.make everyone makes is own money, so nobody will ask each other cash.

    3. Ehi Humphrey Ehimeya
      Ehi Humphrey Ehimeya says

      Don’t worry when we are paid our salaries we will be giving you guys all. Our mothers worked and assisted our fathers.

    4. Harruna Salisu
      Harruna Salisu says

      Madam, are saying it from experience or you just study men?

    5. Shedrack Philip
      Shedrack Philip says

      Hmmmmmm is like u have experience

  12. Celestine Nwankwor
    Celestine Nwankwor says

    am closing my nose now…sis…

  13. Mercy Olutoye
    Mercy Olutoye says

    9times a week? Huh? How many days do we have in a week, 7? Lol, all this modafukas as expert.. Bullshit, Can’t even perceive woman’s armpit to talk of oral shiit

  14. Nwaokoro Christian
    Nwaokoro Christian says

    Some site need to block rubbish post

    1. Kingsley Neokeabata
      Kingsley Neokeabata says

      G i support you

  15. Ogidi Onoja
    Ogidi Onoja says

    You madman, repeat that shirt again and see what I will do to you idiot!

  16. Chrispaddy Paddy
    Chrispaddy Paddy says

    Untill your village make u find hgfsrtyjjbcy in the evil forest you wouldn’t know why i wear my shoes from left-right

  17. Nnenna Chinonso Kalu
    Nnenna Chinonso Kalu says

    My marriage they shall b times table for sex
    Times table for food
    Times table for romantic movement
    Reading of bible and prayer everyday no times table for that

    1. Shedrack Philip
      Shedrack Philip says

      U sure ???

    2. Shedrack Philip
      Shedrack Philip says

      Sex times table on Sunday evening all when ??????

    3. Nnenna Chinonso Kalu
      Nnenna Chinonso Kalu says


  18. Eric Quame
    Eric Quame says

    When did African discovered oral sex…smh

  19. Henry Ebunam
    Henry Ebunam says


  20. Sandra Arikpo
    Sandra Arikpo says


  21. Hush Gully
    Hush Gully says

    Where are all the ladies at

  22. Harruna Salisu
    Harruna Salisu says

    One of the African brothers who gave Trump reason to call us Shitholes. I’m not a shithole but he is.

  23. Onyeka Dialo
    Onyeka Dialo says

    Because na sex I come this life come do abi

  24. Kingsley Neokeabata
    Kingsley Neokeabata says

    because na food abi
    rubbish you no get work

  25. Eze Done
    Eze Done says

    if this is what you are doing to your wife, you are useless as a human being, there is no different between you and dog, because dog did the same thing nonsense.

  26. James Sunday Supar J
    James Sunday Supar J says

    9 times a week! thank u oh! shey na blood capsule abi na antibiotics,wen ur village pipu dun hack ur brain,na nonsense u go talk

  27. Honey Froster
    Honey Froster says

    Guys if you’re here to read comments kindly take a seat why they comment

  28. Wemi Dixon
    Wemi Dixon says

    Person nor go go work again?….come caery woman matter put for head like cap

  29. Damilola Bombata
    Damilola Bombata says

    And u Wat her days to be long on earth

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