REVEALED! Here’s all the ‘proof’ that shows TUPAC faked his own death and he is still alive (With Pictures)


Tupac Shakur’s death is still one of the biggest mysteries in showbiz, with his killers still unknown 22 years on. The rap legend was shot in Las Vegas in September 1996 while standing out of the sunroof of the car he was in with Suge Knight. The 25-year-old was shot twice in the chest, once in the arm and once in the thigh, and he died six days later in hospital from internal bleeding… or did he? There’s a huge conspiracy theory surrounding Tupac’s death, claiming that the rapper didn’t die at all, but is alive and well and living in Cuba. It may seem a tad far-fetched, but there’s plenty of evidence (we say evidence, we mean wildly intricate theories and ‘photos’) to suggest that the star, real name Lesane Paris Crooks, didn’t perish in Nevada.

The death itself

Anyone who believes the ‘Tupac faked his own death’ theory can find plenty of sketchy details about the Vegas shooting. Firstly – 14 shots were fired and none of them hit Suge Knight, with seems a tad weird. Pac’s bodyguard was supposed to be with the two stars, but at the last minute, Tupac told him to drive with his girlfriend instead. And while the rapper usually wore a bulletproof vest after being shot two years prior, but wasn’t wearing one on that night.

This is supposedly the last photo of Tupac. Notice anything weird? 1. The date. Tupac was “killed” on September 7, 1996. The date on the photo is a day after the shooting. 2. There are no keys in the ignition. The photo was supposedly taken while they were driving.

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