7 interesting reasons why you keep adding weight – You’re most likely doing one of the reasons right now (MUST READ)


Wonder why you keep gaining weight despite the fact that you eat lots of vegetables, take lots of water and do not eat at night? We will tell you why. There are some factors responsible for your consistent weight gain and we have highlighted them below:

1. Lack of Portion control

Avoid double or large helpings at dinner. There is a delay in the time it takes for your stomach to tell the brain it’s full. If you rush down your food, chances are you haven’t given your brain time to react to these signals.

Turn things around if you tend to cook too much, save the leftovers for another meal.

2. Smoothies and fruit juices

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that smoothies cannot contribute to weight gain. The natural sugars and, in some cases, hidden ingredients, mean that these drinks can still be full of calories. So take all these in moderation, lest you end up regretting.

3. Coffee

Although caffeine is commonly used to assist weight loss – with frequent consumption it can make you gain a lot of weight. A large cup can contain as many as 300 calories, and if you make it a jug, it could be as many as 600 – so you would do good to watch your coffee intake.

4. Too much watching of television

Leading a slow lifestyle can contribute to weight gain. Some people watch three hours of television each night. So, it doesn’t matter how healthy your diet is if you don’t move.

Also eating in front of the TV increases your meal intake because you’re not concentrating on what you’re eating. Studies have also shown that when you watch TV you spend less energy than when you rest.

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