15 things Michael Jackson’s daughter spends her inheritance on – She spends millions of dollars on the poor (Photos)


It seems like just yesterday that the King of Pop was still here with us all. The man who had such a gentle soul and wanted to heal the world clearly had a great influence on his daughter Paris Jackson . If you have not kept up with Paris and last saw her dedicating a speech to her loving father at his funeral, you will be surprised to find out what the late singer’s daughter has been up to. The daughter of the most famous musician is becoming a star in her own right; she acts, models, plays instruments, and is an activist. And like her father, she is so passionate about necessary changes in society and being a positive influence. Michael Jackson was also a very giving man throughout his extensive career; he would lavish Elizabeth Taylor with diamonds and other jewelry and perfume that easily cost him millions.


After discovering that Jackson’s children all receive a fair share allowance of $8 million a year, we also discovered that the apple does not fall far from the tree; Paris, uses her yearly allowance not only on herself, but her loved ones as well. However, Paris does not smother others with her money as much as her father; she knows her limits and does not go overboard. Jackson, who is now very outspoken by expressing herself through her spunky and hipster attitude and bohemian and bold fashion sense, she knows how to use her lucrative money and fame in all the right ways. It’s quite impressive considering she’s only 19. After scrolling through this list, you will wish you were best friends with Paris Jackson.

15. Paris Buys Gifts For Her Friend

These days, it is definitely a plus to be the bearer of the last name Jackson. The legendary icon’s daughter is a lot like her father when using her money to treat and spoil her loved ones.

Since the age of 16, Paris has kept her friends in consideration when it comes to spending her annual allowance that recently jumped from $5 million to $8 million a year.

One way that she spends money on her friends is buying them costly athletic gear and fancy shoes. No sources could confirm how much the shoes are, but being the daughter of the King of Pop who had luxurious taste, and being a fashion mogul herself, we know that the shoes must have had a high price tag.

14. Paris Attended Boarding School

Paris Jackson, who experienced her share of personal problems since her father’s death, has also used her inheritance from her father to effect positive change in her life. The budding star has come a long way since losing the most significant figure in her life, and she did so by using a chunk of her $8 million allowance to help and heal herself. After Paris Jackson attempted suicide 2013, she turned her life around by leading a more “normal” life.

She signed up at a therapeutic boarding school in Utah to educate and treat herself.

When Michael Jackson was still alive, Paris, like many celebrity children, was home-schooled; this school, which helped her recover, cost her in the six-figures.

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