7 things men do that women find very attractive – #6 and #7 will keep her with you forever

A good man slays a bad boy, always. Let’s not pay attention to the bad boys because they leave us high and dry and really are no fun, save for a few bedroom romps. Honestly, if you’re over 21 I can tell you: bad boys lose their appeal. They’ve got a clear expiration date. They’re cute when they’re young but as a girl matures into a woman, her patience for them disappears. And while the saying may be that “good men are hard to find,” they are not impossible to find. They do exist! And when we ladies find a good man, there are so many things about that person that we love that we cannot help but overlook the small things he might do to upset us.




Truly, when you break it down, bad guys are “boys” but good guys are “men.” Would you rather play with a boy, or run with a man?

Here’s what women find attractive and utterly irresistible about men that make bad boys look like little babies.

1. He’s handy.

No, we’re not helpless but I love a man who can fix things. And yes, I’m still a feminist but I’m smart enough to know what I do well and what I don’t. And women love a man who not only can fix things but who also want to fix things for us. Not because he thinks we’re helpless but because he wants to help and make things better for the woman he loves.

2. He lets you lean on him for support.

There’s no denying the utter sex appeal a man gives off when he comes to your side during a crisis. A man who shows up for you and is present in your life when things are messy and dirty is a damn good man.

The guy that shows up when your car breaks down. The guy that holds you when your dog dies and you’re a mess. The guy that feeds you soup when you’re sick. This is attractive. This is a man who is unselfish and giving. We women love it. Bad boys will never be there. They will have excuses.

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