7 mind-blowing facts about 24-year-old Sloane Stephens who won grand slam tournament title at the 2017 US Open

Facts about 24-year-old Sloane Stephens: Sloane Stephens is an American tennis player. She has won five singles titles on the WTA Tour and one Grand Slam tournament title at the 2017 US Open in which she received $3,700,000 (over one billion naira).

Here are 7 quick facts about her.

1. Stephens was born in Plantation, Florida to Sybil Smith and John Stephens, a professional American football player.

2. She started playing tennis at the age of nine, at the Sierra Sport and Racquet Club, in Fresno, California.

3. Her father was killed in a car accident on September 1, 2009, just before the start of the US Open.

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