Are you below 30? Want to live long? Here are 7 things you need to do

How to live longer: Sources report that the average life expectancy of the average Nigerian is 52 years. As a result of numerous life threatening factors, people do not often live as long as they wish to. Granted, death is inevitable and can come at any time but here are a few things you can put into practice that can help you live longer:



1. Eat healthy meals. Always endeavor to eat an all-round meal. Consume more fruits and vegetables, less starches, opt for whole grain and whole wheat instead of white or processed foods and breads, and choose fresh food over packaged food. Watch portion sizes and do not eat more than is necessary. Eat more dark leafy vegetables and stay away from excessive red meat as this has been known to cause heart diseases. Add moderate amounts of chocolate and wine to your diet.

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