Here are the 8 different types of Ni*ple sizes, shapes and textures


Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to Nipple sizes, shapes, colors, and textures? Think again! We’re looking at eight different types of N!.pplss. Were you under the impression you were the master of [email protected]:’ual fun facts? I sure was. It wasn’t until my man and I started talking nips that my mind was opened. “I’m not a fan of small N!.pplss,” he said casually. “My ex-girlfriend had really small N!.pplss. It’s not fun.” I frowned. “Like, the areola?” I asked. “No, it was the actual N!.ppls that didn’t really get hard. It was just flat on her areola. Like not even a centimeter off her chest.”


Call it naive, but I was flabbergasted by my man’s statement. I knew the same pair of [email protected]$ts were often dissimilar in size, I knew Pen.!ses and vajay’s came in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but I’d never really thought about N!.pplss having much variation to them. Turns out, I was wrong!

To be clear for [email protected]$t novices out there, the N!.ppls consists of two familiar parts.

#1 The areola. This is the pigmented shape surrounding the N!.ppls itself. The areola is darker in color than the rest of the skin and takes on a circular shape. These can be extremely large, medium, or small in size.

#2 The N!.ppls. The N!.ppls is the raised bit within the areola. This is where the [email protected]$t releases milk post-pregnancy. N!.ppls often get hard in the cold or during arousal and can have some tantalizing effects when played with in the bedroom. *Or in many cases—feel like nothing at all. But hey, the men sure love ’em!* Perhaps you were like me; believing a medium areola and medium protruding nip was the standard of [email protected]$ts everywhere! Well, I’ve come to shatter the mystery. Without further ado, we’re looking at eight different types of N!.pplss—you definitely haven’t seen them all!

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