5 bad habits that are slowly ruining your relationship – you need to take #4 and #5 seriously

There are deal-breakers-watching an episode when you said you’d wait-and then there are the innocuous-seeming, niggling little things that worm their way into the hairline cracks of a relationship until the whole thing combusts. (Sometimes without you even knowing why.) Here, Wendy Strgar, relationship expert and author of Sex That Works, outlines five bad habits to avoid if you don’t want to end up alone, face-first in a pint of dulce de leche, and/or the single parent of a half-crispy cactus garden.



1. Over-Relying on Digital Devices (Mom Was Right)

Strgar says phones and other iScreens are the “number-one culprit” for driving us apart. “Our attention is the most generous thing we can offer someone we love,” she says. “Which explains why feeling heard by someone is akin to feeling loved by them. Being perpetually distracted by the incoming feeds on our devices sends the message that you are not that important, even if you are sitting across the table from me.” So ? when you’re not together, but IRL ? when you are.

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