4 ways to apologise to someone to get forgiveness immediately

Ways to apologise: Saying “I’m sorry” and meaning it is crucial to your life and relationship. Here’s how. With all due respect to “I love you,” the most important eight-letter phrase in the English language is “I am sorry.” Life and its myriad minor endeavors are an exercise in trial and error even on days when you got a hot hand. Our mastery of cause and effect doesn’t always even extend past our own body. Life has too many independent variables, free radicals, and soundbites from smug TV news litter-boxes to ever fully link intent and outcome.



Even the purest hearts can cause a swath of destruction like a drunk Godzilla trying to make it to a slice of pizza on the other side of Tokyo. And really all the rest of us want is an apology. We made a gigantic mistake teaching the phrase “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission” to dumb people without teaching them how to say “sorry” first. 

Here’s the best way to apologize to someone because a good and well-met apology has basically just four parts.

1. Know what injury you may have caused even if it’s inadvertent

Unintended consequences are still consequences. I get it. We’re all snowflakes. We all catch feelings too easy. We’re all soft as baby poop. However, if you want to maintain a relationship with someone, it’s unlikely that you yelling “FEELINGS AIN’T FACTS, SUNSHINE!” is gonna smooth over ruffled feathers. Frankly, it’s kind of flattering to know that our actions (and words) have such long-reaching consequences.

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