10 Simple steps to make your partner enjoy s*x to the fullest – #4, #6 and #10 are very important

You see, sex is to be enjoyed and not endured and for your partner to open to you means he/she really wants the two of you to connect and have the best of times under the sheets. There are a few things which almost every woman wishes men did more of in bed and we will treat them here. Whether the problem is big or small, there are many things you can do to get your sex life back on track. Communicating with your partner, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, availing yourself of some of the many excellent self-help materials on the market, and just having fun can help you weather tough times.


1. Give her an orgasm before real sex starts For some women, getting an orgasm before the very act commences is one of the greatest turn ons they can ever get. And this is by far the biggest thing women wish their men did more of in bed. And sadly, most men don’t even try to explore this as they are always in a hurry to stick it inside and hump away. They clumsily plow straight to intercourse as fast as possible without taking time to engage in serious foreplay. Their idea of foreplay usually consists of a few minutes of obligatory kissing, followed by another few minutes of obligatory boobs stimulation, and their ultimate goal of intercourse is reached. No woman wants this; it is as simple as that!

If you can give your wife an orgasm before you penetrate her, then it’s guaranteed to be good sex in her book, even if you don’t last as long as you’d like. And on top of this, giving her an orgasm will make her more responsive and much more likely to have another orgasm during intercourse. sexbecomes better for you, and for her.

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