6 Provoking Ways You Are Endangering Your Health – #4 has led to death of many

Health they say is wealth. Unfortunately, so many people treat their health status as unimportant. There are some day-day mistakes/acts you engage in that could actually be detrimental to your health. Treating your health as a basic necessity makes you totally fit.

Below are some provoking ways you could endanger your health.

1.Poor Eating Habit
This is one aspect people tend to ignore. When you eat right, your health feels right. Fruits, vegetables are important part of healthy living. You don’t necessarily have to eat heavy meals or even complete the three square meal, but it is necessary to have a complete balanced diet. When poor eating habit lingers on for long, it affects your mental and physical being. Excess fat is not right for the body. Try to eat less, avoid oversize portions, and replace sugary drinks with water. So many people are unnecessarily overweight.

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