4 things you should do if you’re being taken for granted in a relationship – #1 is very important (With Pics)

Sometimes ago, you thought it was the right time to be in a relationship. You met your partner, and you were convinced they were the best thing to exist since sliced bread. You started the relationship, and it was pure bliss. You called yourselves repeatedly. The online chats were intense. You both would chat late for thirty minutes only to realize it’s actually been three hours and it was almost 12 am in the morning. The text messages were constant. The surprise love gestures were unending. The glow on your face was too hard for anybody to miss. You both were happy. You were crazy about each other. This was your heaven. This was what you always dreamed of.


Until one day, your partner started missing your calls. You’d wait for hours before the return call came in (if at all it ever did). If you complained, you received the “I’ve been very busy response.” You both are now online, but the chats have halted. You ask why they have not been reading and responding to your messages and they reply that they were not actually online because they forgot to log out. Slowly, you are getting used to not seeing their calls for days. Loving them seems to be like you’re doing yourself a favor. Everything they’ve been doing to make you feel special has stopped. When you register your grievances, they make it sound like you are nagging. You would have walked away, but your heart would just not cooperate. You are crazy about them, and they know this. This is why they feel they are at liberty to act anyhow because they know they will get away with it.

Meanwhile, you are getting sad because you’ve invested so much in the relationship and did not want it to crash. Yet, you can feel the distance between you two widen continuously. The feeling of love you have for them now seems to be your punishment. The weight of having a partner who does not take you seriously anymore is draining you. Your partner is taking your love for granted. You can feel it deep within your heart because this is real.

Hello. Are you A lady or A guy? Do the above describe you? Having a partner who takes you for granted can be frustrating. It can even be crushing if you have put so much into the relationship to make it work. The funny thing is that in some cases, your partner would not end the relationship but yet would not fix things up. So, what can you do about such a relationship? Below are four action points that you can take. While these points are not a guarantee of taking the relationship back to how it was, they are the logical steps that can help you become free in the long run.

Action point one: Talk with your partner

This is the first step to every problem in a relationship. When you sense your partner is taking you for granted, it is time you had a one-on-one discussion with them. It is not a time for phone calls or online chats. If there is distance barrier, you can make use of Skype. But conversations such as these are best done in person. Let them know your grievances. Sometimes in a relationship, there are things you will be angry about which your partner has no idea about. Tell them how you’ve been hurt by their actions and give specific examples.

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