12 wary facts you never knew about pregnancy – #6 and #12 will make you scream

Pregnancy is one of the most remarkable time of a woman’s life when she experiences amazing changes or unexplained signs in her body. Each woman has a story to share on the bittersweet experience. However, we are able to gather some unknown facts about what happens in the womb during pregnancy; the foetus’ behaviour and what differences are seen in the woman after birth.


12 Facts About Pregnancy you never knew

1. During Pregnancy, a baby starts making its first poop called Meconium, at about 21 weeks of gestation. However, it won’t pass it until after its birthday

2. Babies Cry in the Womb. Not everybody would believe this, but mothers have actually confirmed this fact. One Heather said she witnessed this through the ultrasound screen of her youngest child and her Doctor confirmed it too.

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