5 Categories of people that will only buy the new iPhone 7 in Nigeria


People that will only buy the new iPhone 7 in Nigeria – Apple has had some trouble getting customers interested in the new iPhone 7 since its launch and that is justifiable, considering the economic hardship being faced by a majority of people in the society.


While very many Nigerians have boycotted the stores vending this new model, there are a few who have defied all odds to purchase the smartphone. Research has found that these few individuals fall under certain categories.

Read on to discover the 5 types of Nigerians who own an iPhone 7.

1. The super-rich


These set of people are not affected by the recession in the country. The have a lot of money and can afford anything that catches their fancy.

Getting an iPhone7, to them, is just like buying bubblegum at the store. In fact, do not be surprised if they share this phone as souvenir at their events.

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