12 Devices that can detect spirits in your home (With Pictures)


Devices that can detect spirits – There are always things that will go bump in the night – old pipes, settling houses, and pesky critters in your walls to name a few. However, if things go missing or you find your old school compass spinning around like a Gravitron ride, there may be something more than just a squirrel in your house.


While a little salt or talcum powder may go a long way, there’s always a technological method that can be less messy than throwing powder around your home.

These days, the market for paranormal related tools is highly saturated and sorting through everything can be time consuming. Some work pretty well and multitudes will swear by them while others are poorly made and are used as scams to make a quick buck. Always be vigilant and research when considering to buy ghost hunting equipment.
It’s also important to keep in mind that not all spirits will be active 24/7. Some will only come around every once in a while, or at certain hours, so patience is key. It should also be noted that household items like televisions or microwaves may interfere with tools during investigations, so make sure the power is turned off at these times.

Of course, there’s always room for error when using technology, but that’s the case for any method. Here are 12 cool (and even fun) tech toys to tell if you’ve got a spook roaming your halls. These tools are relatively easy to use and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a top-notch paranormal hunter or someone who just likes to watch ghost hunting shows on tv.

12. Boo Buddy Interactive Bear


It may not necessarily be a “tech” toy, but Boo Buddy is still pretty interesting for a teddy bear. Serving as more than just an EMF reader, it also asks questions to get EVP readings so it won’t have to be monitored at all times. Other features include movement detection and temperature monitoring which can be indicated by lights within its body. These changes are announced in a cute voice rather than a cold electronic one.

Its cute exterior and voice are intended to attract ghost children who may be otherwise reluctant to respond for whatever reason.

As cute as it may seem, it is an actual piece of equipment and comes with its own case.

If that isn’t enough to sell you on it, Forbes Magazine featured Boo Buddy and spoke highly of it.

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