Huge fan tattoos Tekno’s face and body on his arm (See Photos)

Huge fan tattoos Tekno’s face and body on his arm – Please help me judge this. As a huge fan of Tekno, I decided this year to surprise him by drawing  first tattoo on my body. I didn’t know where to get a good tattoo artist so I checked online for one.


I got this guy bizzasky. I went to his place to draw one, I deposited money to come back the next day to draw the tatoo. The next day he told me that their material for work has finished that I should come back the next week. I didn’t hesitate. I came back the next week and they told me that they couldn’t import the materials they need to do the type I want because Chinese were on holiday.

I took my deposited money and left still searching again for a good tattoo artist. I later
got one that claimed to be a tatoo artist. Please help me judge this – Does this pic below look like Tekno oooh, Duro crooner ? Even the so called workers were mocking themselves not me that what I have truly looks like Tekno ooh. Make una judge ooh.

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