12 Dirty things Justin Bieber wants you to forget about him (With Pictures)


Dirty things Justin Bieber wants you to forget – While he instantly made a name for himself as one of the most promising acts in the music industry,Justin Bieber’s reputation quickly turned sour following a string of headlines that had people wondering whether his rise to superstardom had gotten to his head.


Having made millions of dollars every year since 2008, Justin seemed to have faced a meltdown of his own in 2012 — one that was so heavily publicized, the media just couldn’t get enough of all the mistakes he was making. This ranged from throwing eggs at a neighbour’s home to having his home raided by police, who infamously found drugs hidden by Bieber’s pal, Lil Za.

The controversies were becoming more prominent with every headline up until 2014 when Justin finally made a change in his life removing the people who were anything but a good influence on his life. Still, the history of those scandals remain. And while JB would like you to forget about them, I couldn’t help but remind you of some of them. Here are the 12 things Justin would most likely want you to forget about in regards to his most famous scandals.

12. The Time He Kissed….


During the time Justin was facing his ultimate meltdown, it was hard not to find the Biebs making headlines in another tabloid magazine. On one particular day, however, a news outlet got photos of Justin and a pal kissing a stripper’s nipple, while other photos showed Justin licking the woman’s breasts, supposedly so drunk, he couldn’t remember what he was doing. The images eventually went viral, and fans were less than impressed with the way their idol had been handling himself — especially in those revealing photos.

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