7 steps to getting the truth out of someone – This is all you need to do!

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Steps to getting the truth out of someone: According to Dr. Phil McGraw of popular health talk show ‘Dr Phil’, everyone lies. He says that people lie an average of three times in the first 10 minutes that they’re trying to get to know each other. A recent survey revealed that men lie six times a day and women lie 3 times a day.



Some lies are small (“You haven’t aged one bit!” or “Sorry I’m late, but traffic was horrible!”), but others, like infidelity, can destroy a relationship.

The truth is if you’re close to someone who isn’t trustworthy or you’re the one who’s not being transparent, you can start making a change with Dr. Phil’s 7 strategies compiled by Beliefnet:

  1. Start by Being Honest with Yourself: The most destructive lies we tell are the ones we tell ourselves. When you lie to yourself, you’re really crippling your ability to interact with the world because how you present yourself to the world impacts how you are treated in return.

  2. Negotiate for What You Want — Don’t Just Try to Take it With a Lie: For example, if you want a baby, going off the pill and tricking your spouse into getting you pregnant is not the way to go! Every lie has a cost. Instead of going about it the wrong way, try pushing for what you want in a mature, straightforward way.

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