Nude photos of Nicki Minaj after having sex leaked by hackers (Look)

Nude photos of Nicki Minaj: It was only a matter of time before they got the queen of semi-nudity. Yesterday iCloud hackers released topless photos of Nicki Minaj, British model Cara Delevingne and Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick…amongst others.


The photos, which purport to be Nicki Minaj topless, doesn’t show her face, but in one particular pic there’s ‘liquid’ on the breast of the woman who has the exact same tattoo on her arm that Nicki has. The pics are floating online…but of course I can’t post them here without censoring them. If you want to see uncensored pics, try Google. The pic I have after the cut, I cropped her boobs out but you will still see the ‘liquid’ on the b00bs. 

First, is that really Nicki? And two, is that pap/akamu? Lol…


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